Tuesday, April 12, 2011

5 Questions

Hi Running Friends!

I'm going to try to get this thing going again by asking 5 quick-ish questions for you all to respond to about running.  I'll include my answers in the comment section too so you can see what I'm looking for.

1. When/why did you first start running?
2. How do you stay motivated to run?
3. In what way (if any) do you set running goals?
4. To you, what qualifies as a "good run"?
5. What is your favorite running outfit and accessories?

Can't wait to see your responses!  If there are any lurkers out there... come out, come out, wherever you are ;)

In Christ Jesus,


  1. 1. I first started running in August 2008 after a hiking trip out West with Alex's family where I realized just how out of shape I was. Granted we were hiking in Utah, Colorado, and Arizona... I was still getting way too shown up by his parents in their 60s. Then in November 2008 I ran my first ever race, the Richmond HVAC 8k, with my bff Adriana.

    2. Honestly, I get really motivated when my pants start fitting too tight. Also, it helps to have a really supportive fiance who celebrates and makes a big deal about all my runs (even training runs) regardless if I went super slow or not. Competing in and signing up for races helps too. I love the race atmosphere.

    3. I set running goals based on races in the future using the smart coach thing at runnersworld.com. Right now I don't have any races in the future because of wedding, etc. So I just set up my own goals based on how much weekly and monthly mileage I'd like to do.

    4. To me a good run means that I didn't walk or feel like dying. Also if I get finished and still want to run the next day then that's a good run, too.

    5. My very favorite attire are my black Nike running shorts. They are amazing. They have a thick waist band so it doesn't cut into me on bloated days. They have a small pocket inside that fits my energy blocks. They are black so they match everything. They are just the right length- short but totally appropriate (if they are too short then someone call me out haha). Oh how I love them. The rest of the outfit is unimportant if I'm wearing them.


  2. 1. I first started running last year when I came to Tech as a freshman. John was always a runner in high school and I always wanted to be, so we started running together.

    2. My motivation to run probably isn't the strongest (as I haven't gone on a run in 2 or 3 weeks...) but it's usually my desire to get a vigorous workout in that spurs me on. Or my cute new running shoes.

    3. Usually I like to run for at least 30 minutes or 3 miles.

    4. A good run means I made through the whole way without stopping to walk or if I increase my distance.

    5. My favorite running outfit is this pink halter-ish type top worn with hot pink shorts. I'm definitely a girly girl. My favorite accessory would either be my iPod, which tracks my running distance/time/calories burned and such...or John ;)



  3. 1. I started running to clear my mind. It's amazing how a hard run makes me so much more practical and calm!
    2.Nice weather helps. A lot. Good company is also a huge motivator. Just a general desire to stay fit helps too.
    3. Right now I just shoot to get out there regularly. Once running, I like to see consistent mile splits.
    4. A good run... could be a good push at the end, could be mentally overcoming a pain or terrain. Running is tough, so many things make it good.
    5. teal running shorts with a sleeveless top. don't ask why. :)


  4. So here we go...

    1) I started running in Middle School in order to stay in some kind of not so roundish shape. I stopped when I got to college because I had no more coaches making me have to do it. I have always tried to start getting back into it but my motivation always dies when I have no one else doing it with me. So Running Engage is AWESOME!

    2. Getting as many people around me who actually want to run or need a motivation buddy, also I have started watching the biggest loser, so on those WAY no motivation days I watch that show. If they can do it why can't I?!
    3. Don't normally set any running goals. I do have one now but I guess I am supposed to share that in a later blog :P
    4. A good run is one in which I actually went. I have definitely decided that the morning is my time to run, my buddy is just excited about it and it hasn't been on it's feet all day. But yea, if I go on a run for the most part that is about as good as a run gets for me. O, I guess there are also those times where I feel like I just didn't go on a run, those are AWESOME!
    5. I officially have NO favorite running outfits. I don't care, I just go in whatever. I guess mesh shorts, like basketball shorts are normally my favorite, because guys just always have the most comfortable clothes and I can get away with wearing them while running :P