Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Top 5 Reasons to Run and Attend the Pancake Breakfast Saturday Morning

Hi Friends!
Saturday morning the Honduras mission team is holding a pancake breakfast to raise money for their Spring Break trip.  You may recall the spaghetti dinner that they had last semester; same team but different cuisine this time.  Jesse and I are going to run together beforehand at 9am on the Huckleberry then walk over to the BCM (corner of Washington and Kent).  In case you're feeling a little non-committal or like $5.00 is just too much to ask... let me persuade you with 5 fabulous reasons to join us.

1. Running before eating pancakes means that you can devour more pancakes without feeling bad about the number of calories and also get your money's worth.

2. According to there is ZERO percent chance of parcipitation in Blacksburg on Saturday.  When does that EVER happen?!  Let's take advantage of running in that.

3. Like Mike talked about in Sunday service a few weeks ago, this $5.00 will be a true investment.  Helping people go on a mission trip where they will be inspiring others has a return so great that we can't even begin to quantify it.  Praise the Lord for these people who are going to spread Jesus' Name!

4. My inside sources tell me that they coffee that they are serving with the pancakes is Starbucks brand... need I say more?  Actually I do need to say more because usually for just a drink at Starbucks you pay $5.

5. I will personally pat you on the back and give you a round of applause for showing up.  You'll feel like a rock star.

Alright... I'm glad we got that settled.  See you Thursday at 6:30pm in the War Memorial Gym lobby for our group "out" run.  Then again Saturday for the run and pancake breakfast.  Enjoy hump day!


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  1. I am sad I can't go I love going to these things but my boss might laugh if I say, I need to stop making pizzas for awhile and go get some pancakes :P! But everyone else should go!