Monday, February 28, 2011

Blacksburg Classic: A Humbling Experience in Running

Hi Friends! 

A big CONGRATS to everyone who ran in the Blacksburg Classic yesterday!  Also, I huge word of thanks to everyone who encouraged me around mile 5 and then again at the very end on the last of the killer hills.  I needed you desperately as you could see on my face.

I think it was so cool for people there to see us all in the same shirt, too!  Huge thanks to Jesse and Hannah!  Also, when yall were cheering for me at the Huckleberry gazebo area...  I feel like that was memorable for the other spectators right there too because overall there weren't that many cheering fans at this race.  Yay!

The part further down the Huckleberry totally kicked my butt.  But it was a great reminder in humility.  I don't really struggle with needing to be humble about running because I know that I'm not the best ever; however, I do get a prideful area in my spiritual life sometimes.  So this race is making connections for me in that area as well :)

My final time was around 1:53, I think.  Honestly, compared to how I was feeling, I am pleased with that.  The results aren't posted on the website yet and my watch messed up.  So we'll see once they post them at

I really want to get your feedback, all of you who were there.  Let us know your time and thoughts!

Love you all!

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