Thursday, January 20, 2011


Hello fellow runners!  
I also wanted to post our tentative schedule for the week of January 23rd. 

Monday - meet at 5:30 at the Huckleberry Trail entrance ready to run.
Wednesday - meet at 5:30 at the entrance to War Memorial Gym. We're working out details on reserving a room for bible study. We'll go for a short run around campus afterward. 
Friday - meet at 5:30 at the Huckleberry Trail entrance ready to run. 

I'm working on getting an interactive calendar posted to the blog. That way you won't have to search posts to find weekly schedules. If anyone is technically savvy and up for a challenge please let me know.


  1. This would make the page not look as pretty, and this is not technologically savvy, but as a photo you could create a calendar with some other kind of program, print screen it, crop it, and save it as a picture, and just post a new one every week or so. Just a suggestion. I'm sure you could also use a url to do much fancier things :P

  2. I'm making a website that lets people subscribe to other people's fitness plans. If I ever finish it, we could use that.

  3. Do we know how far we will be running?! :) So excited!

  4. Yall are so savvy. I love it!

    Nicole, we are running a very short run Wednesday. We will adjust later. Our casual runs will just depend on who shows up and what they want to do.